Hand Sewing for Beginners

Helpful Sewing Techniques

Sewing can be fun and easy once you master some basic sewing techniques. To get you started, I thought we would list some of the essential tools and materials you will need, from selecting the right fabric and notions, to using the correct settings on your sewing machine. Whether you are a sewing novice or an experienced seamstress, I hope you will find some of these sewing techniques helpful.

Before you begin any sewing projects, it is best to get all your sewing equipment together and have it in a convenient location near your sewing machine. You can purchase your sewing supplies at a crafts or fabric store or from online stores.

Be sure and make a list of what you need before you go shopping so you don't forget a vital piece of equipment that will prevent you from starting a project. Having the right tools for each project will make any sewing technique easier to complete. You will save time and effort.

Sewing techniques for any project needs to include needles, thread, scissors, fabric and a sewing machine for all your crafts to be finished into a professional finished project.

Cutting Tools are an essential part of your supplies, which should include, dressmaker shears, pinking shears, for cutting fabric. Sewing scissors for general sewing needs, and embroidery scissors for snipping threads and cutting into corners. Any sewing technique is easier with the proper scissors.

Use a seam ripper with care, for unpicking stitches. A craft knife or paper scissors are essential for cutting patterns. When cutting many identical layers or straight panels and strips, a rotary cutter and self-healing mat will make the job quicker and easier.



Needles and Threads. Choosing the right fabrics for a project is important, but it is just as important to use the right needle and thread for the fabrics you use. This will ensure that your projects will look more professional when they are finished. Essentials include 100% cotton or cotton wrapped polyester thread as well as hand and machine sewing needles sized to complement various fabric weights. Use sharps for wovens and ballpoints for knits. A needle threader is also useful. All sewing techniques are easier with the right sewing supplies.

Needles, there are many types of needles available, and getting the right needle for your fabric is important. In general, a medium-length needle is suitable for most hand-sewing tasks. Sewing machines have their own needles for different fabrics you must make sure to follow the machine manufacturer's own recommendations. Your sewing techniques will look more professional.

There are many different threads that can be bought, some for hand sewing and others for machine work. Ask in your local crafts or fabric store for advice-getting the right type of thread is as important as getting the right color for any sewing technique. It makes it a lot easier to keep a large assortment of all kinds of sewing supplies on hand. If you intend to do a lot of sewing they will all be used in the future. That way you will not have to be concerned about a shortage of any supplies.

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